VIDEO | One Question: What Personal Habits Do You Have That Help You Professionally? Take a peek as CISN Country 103.9 Radio Host Chelsea Bird Tells You What She Does

Welcome to my second episode of One Question! On this episode I ask CISN Country Radio Host Chelsea Bird what habits she has personally that contribute to her professionally in a very positive way. She was gracious enough to stand outside the CISN Country studios here in Edmonton and take part in “ONE QUESTION”. She actually writes in a notebook every single morning with ideas and goals that she has for the day. If you have not met Chelsea, she is a very driven and a passionate person who is very dynamic whether it be hosting a radio show or running for a pageant, she does it all!

I do not want to talk to much as the whole point is to watch the video. As always, feel free to share and drop some comments below.

Would you like to be on “ONE QUESTION” or have a QUESTION? Click here to shoot me an email!

Have an awesome day and remember, if we don’t ask, we will never know!

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